Logic is a powerful tool; it can be used to discern and to discover truth. Sometimes, though, this tool falls into the hands of those who would abuse it.

Armed with the laws of logic and a few simple, plausible, and apparently harmless assumptions, philosophers can construct proofs of the most absurd conclusions. These proofs can give us pause; should we believe the unbelievable? This is the power of a paradox.

This website is a celebration of such proofs. The most interesting philosophical arguments are those that proceed from undeniable premises, via inescapable logic, to incredible conclusions. When philosophy proves what is plausible it is mundane; it is only when philosophy appears to prove what is incredible that things really get interesting.

This site explains many of the classic paradoxes, including Achilles and the Tortoise, The Paradox of the Heap, and The Liar Paradox, along with some less familiar paradoxes such as The Problem of the Specious Present.

I hope that you’ll leave the site perplexed and confused.